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Peer Support Groups

Yarrow Collective currently runs peer support groups in Northern Colorado and online!

Check out this Google Doc for a full list of our regular offerings.

Use our Calendar page to scroll through upcoming offerings by date.

Free, Drop-in Peer Support Groups


Alternatives to Suicide
Peer Support Groups for Adults

Alternatives to Suicide groups are a confidential space where people who struggle or have struggled with suicidality can openly talk about their experiences with others who have “been there.” In this peer support space, we do not assume you have an illness, do not assess for risk or involuntary intervention, and do not call the police.  While this is an open space to talk about difficult things we’re feeling or thinking about, we actually talk about a variety of things in these groups, struggles and strengths. We also share laughs, talk about cats, eat snacks, and go with whatever’s on our minds.

Facilitated by people with lived experience, these groups are not just for people who are actively suicidal, but for anyone who has experienced suicidality at some point in their life and would benefit from a non-judgmental space to explore their thoughts and emotions with others who are coming with their own honest experiences.  Click here for the adult group FAQ.

To learn more about how these groups are different from typical approaches, read a brief interview with one of the developers of these groups here.

Sundays in Fort Collins at 525 W. Oak Street from 3:30-5pm

Wednesdays online from 6-7:30pm MDT

  • Free to attend, snacks provided

  • Drop-in, No RSVP needed

  • In-person (Fort Collins) & Online groups are offered


Download our flyer for the in-person & online groups to post or share with others! 

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Unity in Community for BIPOC

Unity In Community is a sanctuary of liberation for Black, Indigenous, and people of color. When we find ourselves no longer wanting to continue on, had or having thoughts of suicide, or feeling disconnected, we lean into the practice of liberating ourselves from staying silent. Unity in Community is held by a collective of BIPOC trained facilitators with diversity in lineage and lived experience, to hold space for those needing connection and community. We hold space for witnessing and being witnessed so that we can return, reclaim, remember our roots, along with reclaiming our power.

Every Monday from 5:30-7:30pm at the BIPOC Alliance

140 W Oak Street (inside the Oak Street mall)


·     Free to attend, snacks provided

·     Drop-in, No RSVP needed

·     In-person (Fort Collins)

Contact: with questions.


Chronic Illness & Disability
Peer Support Group

A free peer-led virtual group for people with chronic illness and disabilities to build community and hold space for each other.  Anyone 18 or older who has disabilities or chronic illnesses can join. 

To read more about the group, check out this document.

Thursdays online from 4:30-6pm MST

·     Free to attend

·     Drop-in, No RSVP needed

·    Virtual (over Zoom)

Contact: with questions.


Youth Support Groups

ECHO is our support group for teens (ages 14-18) struggling with mental health, led by people with lived experience. Facilitated in the Alternatives to Suicide model, ECHO is a confidential space to explore difficult emotions and listen to others’ stories.  

Facilitated in collaboration with the Matthews House. For questions, accessibility information, and transportation needs, contact

Every Tuesday from 5-6:30pm at

the Matthews House Youth & Family Center (415 Mason Ct. #1, Fort Collins)


Download the flyer!

  • Free to attend & snacks provided

  • Drop-in, No RSVP needed

  • Weekly in-person (Fort Collins)


Image by wal_172619 from Pixabay.jpg

Co-reflection Groups for
Peer Support Workers

What is co-reflection?

  • Helps us reflect on our practice and build expertise together.

  • Separate from clinical supervision; 'by and for' peers to learn & reflect with other peers.

  • A space to authentically reflect, share challenges, and feel supported by a community of peers doing similar work.

2nd Wednesdays of the month, 12-1pm Mountain Time.

Confidential, virtual, free, drop-in space.


Contact us with a brief description of what your peer support looks like to get the Zoom link.


We strive to make our spaces as accessible as possible, please contact us if you need accommodations or have any questions about our offerings.

Attended a group? Have feedback? Please share it with us in the anonymous form below!


Gender Queer Peers Group

A peer support space (18+) to process the joy and hardships of bring transgender, non-binary, intersex, genderqueer, and/or questioning your gender identity. Facilitated by trans and non-binary people with lived experience with mental struggles, suicidality, and navigating intersectional identities.

Second and Fourth Thursdays

from 6-7:30pm

Community Impact Center

525 W. Oak St, Fort Collins


·     Free to attend, snacks provided

·     Drop-in, No RSVP needed

·     In-person (Fort Collins)

Contact: with questions.


Hearing Voices 

A supportive, nonjudgmental space to explore your experiences without being assumed to have an illness. For persons with lived experience of hearing voices or having beliefs others may consider unusual.

First Wednesdays monthly, In-Person

from 5:30-7pm

Old Town Library

201 Peterson St, Fort Collins

Study Room A

3rd Wednesday monthly, Online

Zoom Link Found on the Calendar



Contact: with questions.

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