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We envision a community where coercive care is no longer necessary because individuals experiencing mental distress have a broad array of effective, accessible, and safe pathways towards their own unique definition of mental wellness.


We value consent & choice; alternatives to conventional system; allowing people to be the expert of their experience; collaboration, community, connection; mutuality and relationship; belonging; disruption; embracing weirdness,

non-normativity and our full humanity; non-judgment.

Our 5 A's


​space for mental distress:

We all need the space to feel and be with our emotions without immediately trying to “fix” or “cure” them. In allowing and being with our emotions, no matter how intense or extreme, we can be truly witnessed, fostering connection and community.


to the wisdom of our lived experience:

We are the experts of our own experience, and get to choose how to make sense of our own stories and how we share those stories with others. Our power is in re-claiming our stories, with all our complexity and humanity. We are not our diagnoses and we strive to awaken to the wisdom of our own experiences.


towards healing:

We enhance well-being through community building and connections built on mutuality. Healing can take many forms and happen on its own timeline. We believe that community and mutually respectful and supportive relationships are the cornerstones of our healing journeys.


Our voices:

We share who we are, what we feel, and what we need without judgment or shame. Our voices matter and we strive to serve as a platform to elevate the voices of persons with lived experience.


 for meaningful choice and change:

We take a stand and unify as a community to make choices for ourselves and disrupt the harmful aspects of the conventional systems surrounding us. We advocate for increased options, inclusion, and choice.

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