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Education & Events

Yarrow Collective hosts regular community-building and educational events by/for/with peers! Join our mailing list to get updates about future events.


Community Events

We offer donation-based and open-to-the public events to help increase awareness about peer support, create dialogue around alternatives to recovery and healing, and build a sense of connected community.


Our events have included peer support networking events, peer envisioning gatherings, and more. This year, we've also watched The Wisdom of Trauma together and explored trauma-informed and harm reduction approaches to addictions. We watched Medicating Normal and honored the stories of those who have actually been harmed, not helped, by psychiatric medications and found their own paths to healing. Our community events are meant to challenge our thinking, highlight the stories of persons with lived experience, and help us all connect to our own deep wisdom and to each other.


Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about future events, and contact us if you have any suggestions of events you’d like to see in the future.

Education & Workshops

We offer presentations and workshops for other organizations and at conferences about the Yarrow Collective, the peer support movement, alternative approaches to suicidality, and how peer support values and skills can enrich your personal and professional life.


Current trainings include:

  • 4-hour Peer Support Orientation: most suitable to peers, and people either already working/volunteering or interested in working in peer support roles.

  • 1-hour Peer Support Orientation: covering what is peer support, some history of the movement, and the peer support skills that  can help anyone navigate mental health conversations in their professional and personal lives.


We can and do tailor trainings and cover a variety of topics including: the values of peer support, supporting the peer support workforce through co-reflection, LGBTQ+ inclusive practices for peers,

Contact us for rates of our trainings for workplaces, and sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about open community trainings. 


We strive to make our spaces as accessible as possible, please contact us if you need accommodations or have any questions about our events.

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