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Youth Peer Support

Yarrow Collective currently runs two programs for youth peer support — ECHO and Seed Circles. Read about them below!

Seed Circles

 Seed Circles is an 8-week youth community circle for teens ages 14-18.


During our 8 weeks, we will explore connection to self & community with curiosity and compassion. Seed Circles is based around the teachings of the four seasons summer, fall, winter and spring. 

Get on our Seed Circles mailing list to get announcements of future cohorts. Email for questions and to get updates on the next cohort.


Mental Health Support Group

ECHO is a drop-in support group for youth ages 14-20 to talk about mental health, led by people with lived experience. Facilitated in the Alternatives to Suicide model, ECHO is a confidential space to explore difficult emotions and listen to others’ stories.  

Facilitated in collaboration with the Matthews House. For questions, accessibility information, transportation needs, or if you'd like to speak to a facilitator before attending, contact

Every Tuesday from 5-6:30pm at

Prism Palace (120 W Saturn Drive, Fort Collins)

  • Free to attend & snacks provided

  • Drop-in, No RSVP needed

  • Weekly in-person (Fort Collins)

Xinachtli Rites of Passage

Xinachtli is an 8-week culturally-based rites of passage philosophy, process, and curriculum that promotes healing, resilience, and leadership capacity. Xinachtli was developed out of the spiritual distress experienced by communities of color, reframing a new narrative of transformation healing and advocacy rooted in a gender, racial justice, anti-oppression framework.

For 14-18 year old Chicana, Latina, and Indigenous girls + nonbinary youth. 

To get information about when the next Xinachtli will be, email

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