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Xinachtli (She-nash-tli) is the Nahuatl word for germinating seed.

Xinachtli is an 8-week gender-responsive, culturally-based rites of passage philosophy, process, and curriculum that promotes healing, resilience, and leadership capacity. Xinachtli was developed out of the spiritual distress experienced by communities of color, reframing a new narrative of transformation healing and advocacy rooted in a gender, racial justice, anti-oppression framework.

Xinachtli will start Monday October, 30th from 5-7pm!
Register here.

For who?

Xinachtli facilitates the healing and community building for Indigenous, Latina, Chicana, cis and trans girls, femmes, and nonbinary youth ages 14-18.

*The curriculum recognizes the value of cultivating the capacity of those who are most impacted by systemic inequities as they are the closest to the solution. In doing so, Xinachtli supports interested school districts, communities and organizations to fill the significant gap in culturally competent services to families and communities of color.

Key Components

Reflección/Reflection : Youth are guided through a process reflecting on one's personal gifts, identity and history.

Creación/Creation: Youth will will focus on the understanding of their personal creation abilities and responsibilities.

Concientización/Critical Consciousness: Conscience rising, focuses on facilitating the critical thinking skills of the youth.

Acción/Action: Process for growth and self development.

Lucrecia Medrano (she/her/ella) is a proud Mexican woman who was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. She is a wife and a mother to three children. She comes from a big family with five siblings who she has a close relationship with and finds love and support from. She has lived experience with life-interrupting substance abuse, trauma, local judicial systems, problem-solving court programs, and more. Growing up in Larimer County and going through the PSD school system and court system, she experienced first hand the lack of culturally responsive spaces for people of color. 

About the Facilitators

​ Lucrecia’s work with Yarrow Collective as a Community Transformation Coordinator is to help create, support, and advocate for spaces for people of color to feel a sense of belonging. Her recovery ranges from a variety of models, including ancestral practices, energy healing, and consciousness-expanding modalities through plant medicine. She co-founded and co-facilitates Unity in Community, a non-clinical peer support group for people of color. She is also one of the Xinachtli facilitators in Yarrow.  

She’s made it her mission to internally heal herself and connect with her roots from her dads side from Jalisco, Mexico and her mothers side which has roots in The Pascua Yaqui tribe in Arizona, in hopes of spreading awareness, education and hope to other BIPOC community members (Black, Indigenous, People of Color, inclusive of Hispanic/Latinx & biracial or multiracial) who have lost touch with their roots. Lucrecia loves being with her children, husband and family. You can find her outdoors in nature or hiking, being adventurous, traveling to new places, listening to music, and creating new relationships.

Melissa Lozano (she/her) is a tender and fierce, multiracial shapeshifter, youth community advocate, organizer, radical mother to 4, circle facilitator, space curator, bath connoisseur, nature lover, rock and book collector, student of Life.  Melissa is a long time Fort Collins resident. Having attended elementary through high school in Poudre School District she feels rooted in and committed to supporting her hometown.   She is in the practice of listening to and learning from maestra/os, elders, and the youth. She leads youth and others in practices to integrate and celebrate our many identities.

Locating liberation and oppression in our lives and bodies so that we might continue to free ourselves. She has lived experience with suicidality, mental health diagnosis, substance misuse, self harm and trauma. As a multiracial woman, Melissa continues to grapple with identity concepts. As she practices welcoming the many parts of her to coexist she feels alignment and peace.  Sitting in circle with Melissa feels soft and centered. 

Currently she co-teaches Poudre Global Academy's Mindfulness circle for high school aged students needing tier 2 level support. She co-founded and co-facilitates Unity in Community, a non clinical, culturally based support circle for BIPOC community members. She also co-facilitates ECHO, Yarrow Collectives teen alternatives to suicide non clinical, peer support group.

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